On Writing Constantly

Goals for 2020 was the first title for this article and I realized that it’s been so long since I’ve tried to write something in here that I just couldn’t bring myself to start writing something acceptable.

After each try I just got more and more frustrated with myself because of the shitty paragraphs that I was writing and the stupid flow that I was creating.

That’s when I remembered that about 3 years ago I used to write a lot more and while it was not great it was definitely not this shitty.

And this is why they say that to do something at a great level you should do it everyday. Practice it to the point where your style is at the level that you would like it to be.

Now I don’t even remember the new title of the article but I guess it is something related to writing. Writing for the sake of spilling your ideas and getting used to listening to what’s on your mind and putting it into words.

That’s why I’m writing this. To have something to my future self and keep the flow going. This text is shitty but at least is something.

Now don’t break this.

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