Ignacio Alonso

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I'm a product-minded developer currently working at Everly Health.

I have experience working in different industries ranging from Fintech to Healthtech, know how to effectively work within startup and scaleup environments and also know how to launch digital products, reduce costs and raise revenue by using technology strategically.

I have teaching experience gained by helping more than 300 people from different backgrounds and countries how to code using Ruby, Rails and Javascript.

Here are some recent higlights from my career:

Maintained a 15+ years API that handles order reception and processing for the healthcare industry.

Wrote the backend payment code where 100% of higo's money transfers are passing through.

Maintained a 3+ years codebase that's being used by a high profile client to process more than 300,000 MXN in orders a month on average.

Created an Invoice XML inbox and parser that helps process hundreds of invoices a week.

Managed a secure site to site implementation to a payment transfers provider API.

Implemented a docker based hosting solution for processing payment notifications safely.

Maintained a k8s based cluster and it's CI services while learning how to do it out of necessity.

This is where I write and share my summaries about the things I learn.

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