The Best Jordan Peterson Youtube Videos


My notes on the best lectures by Jordan Peterson.

General thoughts

Jordan Peterson helped me a lot in the time I needed guidance the most. I’m sure that his videos on personal development and purpose are helping millions of watchers all over the world.

These videos are my favorite ones, the ones I come back to from time to time to not forget what it is all about.

Jordan Peterson - Clean Up Your Room!

Clean up your room, your room is an externallisation of your mind. Clean it up, straighten up your mind. CHANGE.

  1. Take control of your time
  2. Stop saying lies, tell the truth all the time
  3. Stop saying things that violate your conscience
  4. Stop saying and doing things that make you feel weak.

Jordan Peterson: Helpful habits and ideas to improve your life

  1. Get some friends.
  2. Get an intimate relationship.
  3. Try hard to improve your career.
  4. Make a schedule and stick to it, get a routine, you need a routine to be mentaly healthy.
  5. Make sure to always eat something in the morning to reduce your stress.
  6. Go do something productive
  7. Regulate or gradually eliminate alcohol and drugs.
  8. Improve your relationships with family.
  9. Get children.

Jordan Peterson - Wasting Time and Opportunities

Stand up to the things that you are afraid of to GET STRONGER, no UPPER LIMITS, for 10 years if you didn’t avoid doing what you know you needed to do, what would you be like? There are examples of people that spoke their being forward, and they beget stronger and stronger and stronger and there’s no limit to that.

You are not everything you could be and you know it.

What would happen if everyone did that? We mostly are at 51% of our capacity on average (daily productivity).

What would happen if you stopped wasting all the opportunities that are right in front of you?

Stop wasting your time by going to youtube, by not studying effectively, by generally doing things that you know are bad.

Stop making things worse, spite, resentful, arrogant, deceitful. If people stopped trying to make things worse we have no idea how better things would get because of that.

There’s FAILURE of individuals to adopt the responsability that they know they should adopt.

There’s a voice in your head that tells you what you should do (conscience). What would happen if you listened to your conscience if you listened to that voice for 5 years?

Bear your burden properly and live forthrightly in the world, everything matters. it is not just your faith that is at stake, it is the fate of everyone that you’ve networked with. 1000 and 1000

Jordan Peterson - Stop Hiding! You Are Stronger Than You Think

You are actually stronger than you think.


Jordan Peterson - Don’t Sacrifice What You Could Be for What You Are


Jordan Peterson - The Tragic Story of the Man-Child

Tinkerbell the fairy of porn she doesnt exist shes the substitute for the real thing. To mature you have to sacrifice the pluri potentiallity of childhood to a frame of adulthood. You can choose your limitation or let it take you unaware when you are 30 or worse 40.

People can put up maturity without suffering a penalty, when you are 25 you can be an idiot but when you are 30, what the hell where you doing for the last 10 years. Well I’m just as clueless when I was 22.

you have some employees you run a business you train other people you are a pillar of the community thats what you get, a possitive life when you actually focus on one thing and be the best at it.

Jordan Peterson - You Need a Routine!

No one can’t live without a routine, you can’t be mentally healthy without a routine PICK AN HOUR TO WAKE UP TO REGULATE CIRCADIAN RITHYMS. Schedule, career, productivity of time, regulate use of alcohol.

Jordan Peterson - Get Over Your Fear of Rejection!

You beat the fear by encountering it continually and continually and continually so that you are not parallyzed by it. Go and ask 50 women for their phone number.

Jordan Peterson - Sort Yourself Out And Make It Manifest In The World

  1. Stop wasting time.
  2. Stop lying.
  3. Orient yourself to the highest possible good that you could conceive of.

Why don’t you find out, there’s nothing but good in this. and then help this manifest into the world.

Jordan Peterson - How to Live a Meaningful Life

I’m going to act as if being is good. I’m going to act as if truth is the path to enlightment. I’m going to act as if I should pursue the deepest meaning possible in my life.

Easy Way To Sort Your Life Out

Look around for something that botters you and see if you can fix it, start with your room “what would I do to make this room better” spend 10 minutes to ask and analyze that question.

If something anounces itself to you in need of repair and you could repair, then fix it. Fix the things you repeat everyday.

Routines, those are 50% of life and they are the most important things I do. Do the aritmethic, slight edge, a 100 adjustements to broader domain of being and there’s a lot fewer traps to step into. mind and emotions togeter and acting that out you can extend and fix things that need it.

Have some humility to fix things that are within your domain of confidence, the idea of the room is elemental, make a place better and ask and things will pop up like mad, as soon as you give names the mind will reconfigure the world with that aim if you set up a task you have to be genuine about an aim but once you aim the world will reconfigure the world around that aim.

You see what you aim at. Be careful what you aim at what you aim at determines the way the world manifests itself to you, if the world manifests in a negative way you have to ask if you are aiming at the right thing.

Jordan Peterson - How To Develop Your Dark Side

Face the bitter truth about yourself, capacity to observe your own resentment, you are going to be resentful and bitter in many situations because you don’t get what you want, you’ll see that you’ll produce fantasies that are unbelievable dark.

If you can be dangerous you often don’t have to be. Contemplate and consider your resentment and listen to what it has to say.

Jordan Peterson - Very Creative but high in Neuroticism?

for those who are very Creative but high in Neuroticism, how should one work to gain more emotional stability, to go out into Chaos to do more Creative things?

Clean your room, organize your life, get a routine get up at the same time go to bed at the same time, establish disciplined habits, use a schedule use a calendar use google calendar you have to use your calendar NOT AS A TYRANT but as your confidant and your advisor.

Sit down open the calendar and think ok I will organize a week of days that I would really like to have so that would mean you would schedule things that you would consider meaningful and productive so that you would feel your life justified by having a day like that schedule enough of your responsibilites so that you make progress day by day instead of falling behind.


if you wanna be creative, you should organize the rest of your life except to creative endeavours. buckle down and concentrate on one mode of discipline, PICK SOMETING RATTER THAN ALL THINGS AND SET YOURSELF TO MASTER THAT. YOU NEED TO HAVE A PRIMARY DISCIPLINE.

Subject yourself to a disciplinary structure, once you are disciplined you are like a sharpened sword, if you havent find your passion dont wait until you find it JUST PICK SOMETHING AND FOCUS ON IT MOVE STRONGLY TOWARDS IT FOR MONTHS AT LEAST AND THEN YOU FIND THAT IT WASN’T FOR YOU IT IS NOT A WASTE BECAUSE IT ALWAYS PAYS OFF.


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